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Sarah Giles
United States
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

9:01 PM - Because of this, I am Determined... with a capitol "D".
Current mood:  determined
Category: Indie and loving it!!!!!!! Life

Wheeeeeellllll. I guess ALL people in "The Bussiness" are the same... at least, from my own experiences.

As most of you may know, my first performance, EVER, was in November 2006, and I forget my lyrics. Because my music teacher NEGLECTED to tell me oetherwise, I brought the lyrics with me, though chose only to use them once I had begun to lose my place and had forgotten what to sing.
The lyrics were quickly grabbed, very forcefully, from my hands and slammed (as much as one could possibly slam one, small, 3x7 inch, piece of paper), likewise was the microphone, before I had a chnace to redeem myself (which I was going to attempt). When I asked for the lyrics back, for posterity, she told be brashly, "NO, you MAY NOT use the microphone."
Okay, gee, can we say NUTSO????

About and hour and fifteen minutes ago, my grandmother called Jill, my music teacher (it took me over a year to begin attending her claases again, after the previous "incident"). She had already left her a message yesterday, before my class, but Jill hadn't answered the phone (let's not forget she denied Grama ever calling her, only to later contradict herself and say that Grama "left a very, very long message, and it cut off", which it did not. My grandmother knows when a phone cuts off, thank you VERY MUCH).

Anyway, back to the point that has me royally p!!ss3d.
So, my Grama calls Jill, and she answers the phone. She said "Hi", and Jill replied "I'm in the middle of a lesson."

My Grama said, "Oh, sorry, you can call me back."

"Besides, I don't want her on that stage with laryngitis." Yeah, she skipped everythign else and jumped right to that. excitedly told Jill that I was much better, and that I would be able to perform tomorrow. She continued, "I don't want her up there with a cold, a raspy voice, and unable to hit every single note perfectly tomorrow."

WOW. And that's just instead of hello.

My Grama said, "Well, she's a lot better. She's been practicing today," my Grama was really nice, polite, and professional - I was in the room and heard everything. Even Jill... My Grama went on, "She doesn't have laryngitis, and her voice has cleared up a lot. She's saved her voice by not talking, she's been practicing her song, and doing really well, and trying very hard to be ready for [the performance on] Friday."

"But," Jill said, "you called me only yesterday, and told me she had laryngitis, and that she probably wouldn't be able to make it." Uhhh.... My Grama said no such thing. Cause not only would that be SO UNTRUE, but I heard her leave the message.

My Grama said, an btw, she was VERY nice, "No, that's not what I said. She's doing better, and if you have any more tips, could you please call us back. She's very excited about the performance." All true.

Jill then began to yell... very loudly. She "said", "I'm gonna tell you again, I do NOT want her on that stage unless she can represent herself, without any cold showing up in her voice. Jill  then said, very hatefull, I might add, "I have everything on a CD, that is, all but Sarah's. And hear you call me the day before and tell me she's ready to sing! She's have to do it in less than 24 hours!" All the while, yelling - I could hear her across the room.

My Grama stressed again, "But she's better, and very, very excited about performing tomorrow.

However, Jill stressed yet again, "NO. I don't want her on that stage with ANY type of cold."

"I need to ask you a question," my Grama said, "Do you not want her up there because you think it might affect her future perfomances, or is it because of your studio, and are you afraid it might be a bad reflection on you?"

Jill yelled louder, "That's EXACTLY it! I teach music, and DO NOT want anybody up here with a raspy voice! I don't want it to be a bad reflection on me!"

"Oh, I see..." My Grama said, stunned. At this point I glanced at her, eyes wide at Jill's booming voice.

"I'm TOTALLY stressed out!" Jill practically screamed.

Grama said, "I can tell that you are."

Jill huffed, "Is Stacey there? I need to speak to him."

"He's not available at the moment," Grama replied, which was true. He was upstairs talking to Mary (it was important).

Jill, then, got much, MUCH louder, and cried, "DON'T TALK OVER ME!" My Grama was doing no such thing, btw, "You say ANYTHING about calling you back."

"Yes, I did, " my Grama said, "I asked if you would please call me, and if you had any advice on what could be done to help her voice. But now, she is much better, and we think that she will be able to do it."

After Jill kept yelling about how wrong to was to call her this late (it was 7:55-8:15, due to Jill's INCESSENT YELLING... btw, Jill said Grama called her at 8:20... what is up with her freaking clock? lol), she asked to speak to me.

I took the phone and said politely (I am always, ALWAYS nice to Jill), "Hi."

I was immediately interrupted and spoken to so swiftly that I understand not a word that she said. Flabbergasted, I spoke again, as I couldn't reply to what I hadn't understood, I said, "Jill, I think you owe me an explanation on why you yelled at my Grandmother."

I was met with silence. I could, however, hear heavy breathing on the phone, which might have unnerved me if I wasn't so determined to speak. Yes, I was still polite.

I continued, "Jill," (I have been taught that usage of the person's name that one is speaking to is proper ettiquette) "My laryngitis is virtually gone. All I have left is a sore throat, which you wouldn't be able to notice, because it isn't affecting my singing."

Still silence. "Jill?" I repeated nicely. "Are you there?"


I had been hung up on.

UPDATE: She left three messaages, all of them in which she behaved differently than when she was on the phone with Grama. She just spoke with my dad on the phone a few minutes agao, stating the same things. She still denied any yelling, and she even told me I was disrespectful. All I ask is..... WHAT?

More later...

EDIT: I performed the song, did amazingly well thanks to Jesus Christ, and relasped with influenza and mild laryngitis. However, I have other updates as well. Jill has since written my mother (thinking was my father though that is of little relavance right now) stating that due to certain things that have been said, a teacher/student relationship is no longer possible.

What irritates me most is that I have been nothing but polite to Jill Brown, whereas I think she is, to quote my mother, a bit "Squirelly".

I look forward to going indie again. I should be recording in a professional studio within two months or less, and look out for me at the Rialto Theater on amature night.

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